attention to detail


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At Gray Machine Co., we take pride in paying attention to imperative detail. This is what gives us the advantage and takes us to the next level of value. Utilizing the best names in the industry including Stronghand, Bailiegh Industrial, Ellis, Miller, Wilton, and Torchmate, we have the ability to fabricate modest to the most intricate geometry parts improving efficiency and accuracy.

Gray Machine Co. has a vast background in welding technology and can produce high quality welds on materials such as mild steel, chromolly, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. We utilize the latest in mig and inverter tig welding equipment and gas lens coverage welding hardware to ensure the excellence we live by.

CNC Machining

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Gray Machine Co. takes accuracy in machining to the next level utilizing the most trusted name in the industry, Mazak. We have the ability to machine prototype parts along with full production machining on extensive part runs. Our capabilities consist of .0002” single point accuracy and .0006” multipoint repeatability, generating quality assurance and consistent part to part validation that our customers expect. Our machine rapids quicker than any other machine in its class, increasing “in the cut” part time and decreasing cycle times for part cost savings. We implement Renishaw measuring software for quicker part setup as well as tool setters to input tool data rapidly saving cost on part setup and tool data downtime.

Reverse Engineering

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Supporting industries such as industrial, automotive and metal fabrication we provide an ideal solution for basic measurement inspection, reverse engineering and CAD-to-part analysis. We save you design time and minimize part confliction by eliminating the need to import and export geometry files produced from different programs multiple times.


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Using the industry standard cad (Computer Animated Design) program, we have the ability to create simple 2D geometry to complex 3D simulative models for function verification. Solidworks is our choice cad system for producing accurate model representation and a vast amount of independence from the formation to the completion of an idea. Manipulating geometry for unmatched appeal along with flawless function is our objective during every process of part development.